Saturday, October 19, 2019

Had to work a little harder today to get it done but at the end of the day, Mike, Capt. Ron Sr. had their limits. Christian, who was yesterdays hero and pool winner, landed 3 nice fish. Gerry had 4 nice keepers along with Grandpa Richie and his Grandson with 4 beauties in the cooler.
Pool fish was close but went to the 6.6 pounder today. Billy fishing in the bow, Buck-tailed the hell out of the shorts all day before catching his keeper.

Fished several area's, most had fish, but some places, just not enough to stay put.

Water temp dropped from 75.4 yesterday to 72 in the ocean today, that plus the roll from last nights Southerly Blow did have an effect on the bite today.
Looks like "Wind Against the Tide" is the motto since last week and through the weekend!! No pressure...

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