Saturday, October 19, 2019

The good fishing continues as today we had several guys with 4 keepers in the box, all quality fish.
"Never quit Eddie" finally had a day with 4 keepers and the pool fish at 7.2 pounds!
The Change of tide bite was best with a drift that produced several big fish and 2 that were lost just before the net. Scotty S. had one on that was hard to move, fish saw the bottom of the boat and took that one last survival dive and got away....That's how they become the Big ones Scott!
Brian had 4 great fish and proved that working on a boat has it advantages, good job kiddo.

Dad did his thing once again and is now into the "Buck-tail" fishing....To see the enthusiasm and smile on this man's face everyday is priceless when he's catching fish!! I truly have been blessed...

Tom the Vet was back today to defend his top spot in the Big pool, he landed a very nice 5 pound fish. Ishmil and son also put 4 very nice fish in the box.

It's not easy and you have to work hard now to be rewarded, the fish are moving and don't bite all the time, but when the bite is on, Fish even harder as it doesn't last forever! Back at it tomorrow....

Chartered this Saturday Morning.....Chartered Next Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to finish out the Fluke season.
Capt. Ron

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