Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Looked back on when the bite started for us last season....Oct. 24th was my first report of a decent bite. With that said, I now remember how hard it was the 3 weeks prior to that. All the reports of patience, the bait is here, when the water get's colder, the NW winds all that stuff.....

Well, it's certainly no different this season as the water temps are still 63 degrees, the air temp is Florida like, the bait is here and the fish are not!! So Patience, it will happen!

Taking tomorrow and Thursday off. With the report of SE 15-20 and gusts to 25 then rain on Thursday, my PATIENCE has run dry. Certainly don't mind a good ass kicking when the fish are biting but to do what we have been doing the past three trips, I don't need the practice anymore, save your money for now.
Back at it on Friday......Capt. Ron

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