Wednesday, October 23, 2019

After 2 days at the dock and a Butt kicking on Tuesday, didn't know what to expect today.  
Left the dock with not much wind, by the time we made it to the point of the Hook it was blowing 30 once again!!  
Naturally, we had the start of the incoming so it wasn't looking pretty.
The good news is we found several area's of life and had a nice all day bite.

Henry, Adam and Jimmy fishing in the bow all had over 25 fish each today.
Mostly shorts but the action was very good at times.  Plain jigs and tails worked best with a slow retrieve across the bottom.

Very tough conditions though to say the least, yet, everyone stayed at the rail all day! Glad to still see some fish around as the weather for the weekend looks much better than what we have had the past couple of days.

Back at it tomorrow....
Capt. Ron

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