Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tough fishing to say the least the past couple of days....Saturday started out with a shot of Bigger fish up to 31 pounds, landed 4 and popped off 4 more, caught a few more shorts then went into search mode the rest of the day. lack of readings just about everywhere we went, especially after the change of tide.

Sunday didn't fare much better as it's tough to fish the shallow water with a thousand boats running around. Had a couple shots of shorts, a few keepers with most of the bigger fish getting away once again...frustrating to see with a tough bite as it is...Blue fish starting to show up so hopefully those big males won't be far behind.

Weather looks great this week, water temps are coming back and we hope to start finding some fish in the ocean.

Capt. Dan has had pretty much the same Bite on the night trips...the weekend was tough for him also with just a handful of fish.

Capt. Ron

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