Saturday, October 19, 2019
Wish I could find it in my heart to use words like Massacre, Slaughter and all the other BS that goes on around here. If your lucky you catch 2 fish. At 43 inches you better be rubbing the crystal ball in this bay fishery.
Yes, Live lining produces bigger fish, the only boats doing that are the one's with 2 to 6 customers, even at that, how many 43 inch fish are being caught? Limits, excellent action, I must be living under a Rock...The early bird gets the worm with the live lining the past couple weeks and only a couple boats are doing that. They don't post because they don't have too!!
With that off my chest, today we tried to change it up and look over the ocean. Fished the Clam boats between the channels thinking Maybe we would get lucky, after all it is May 7th!!! NO GOOD. Looked over our Beach then Romar, No good once again.
Ran back into the bay, read fish, anchored up and beat on the blues for a couple of hours. I was hoping that the change of tide would bring a few bass with all the readings we had, but no such luck. Customers had a good time with the action and many fish went home. We have been netting the Blues when the customers don't want them so we can toss them back without damage.... Back at it tomorrow.
Capt. Ron

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