Monday, October 21, 2019

Had the "Change of tide bite today"on the first couple drifts.... good action with more keepers than shorts. Got a few drifts out of it before everyone who was out today beat it up.
Tried a new area only to find crappy conditions, a couple sea bass and short fluke....Had another bite going on the change once again late in the afternoon.

Mike and his fishing pal Leslie combined for 7 nice keepers, including Mikes
7 1/2 pound pool fish! Hammer Tom had a very nice 5 pound fish make the deep six once it saw the net and headed for the bottom!!!

Getting sick of calling 17 to 17 3/4 inch fish "SHORTS" total BS!!
A 14 inch fish in Foodtown is a "SHORT" in my book (but yet, perfectly legal).

Chatered Saturday and Sunday Morning this weekend...

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