Sunday, November 17, 2019

Had a good incoming current this morning, had all the readings I like to see both bait and fish. Anchored up and caught nothing!! Made a move, same thing. Tried a new area, picked a couple Blues, this went on all day. Figured like yesterday, the bite would turn on with the outgoing so we headed back to where we started the morning. Didn't read a dam thing!!
Looked in the shallow water and found 1 ball of fish on the machine. By this time the wind is honking out of the South and the current is running out.
Blues started to bite with the horrible conditions, first bass came in a few minutes later. 2nd Bass a little bit after that. Finally landed a third at the whistle. Fishing with fresh Bunkers and we also tried a little jigging today but the current was way to strong.
Hopefully we will see a few more Stripers tomorrow...I know the Sr. Captain is chomping at the bit!!! Back in the AM.

Capt. Ron

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