Thursday, November 14, 2019

Fished the ocean for the second day in a row....Had the last of the incoming tide and a pick going on a couple keepers and some shorts.
Told the guys to be patient and wait for the change....At the change, we put on the weight as the bite turned on!!
Several fish from 3 to 6.7 pounds. Very good action for the rest of the day.

First timer on the Fishermen, John Simlar, Staten Island had the hot hand landing 5 great fluke, 2 nice Sea Bass and the pool fish at 6.7 pounds!!! (pics attached)...hope you come back John!!!

The guys who read my post last night were glad they did as they commented about the heavy artilery as they boarded this morning.
Thanks to Bob Silver who flew all the way up from Boca Raton to fish with us!
Bob had all the shorts he could handle, just couldn't hit that magic 18 inch number (Thanks to the powers that be)!!!

Chartered Thursday and Saturday mornings this week.

Afternoon Bluefishing 3:30pm till 9:30pm Saturday and Sunday..Hopefully this will be the week the bite turns on. Can't remember a season that the fishing has been this tough for Blues, so far!

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