Thursday, October 17, 2019
Thought I would loose it this morning when we got to the 1 can and saw loads of Bunker with Bass busting in them!!! Had to know this would happen once again......
Caught the last of the incoming and a drift, so we fished the mussels. Doc landed the first nice keeper of the year at 4 1/2 pounds (our first Big pool leader). Couple nice keepers throughout the day with way more short action. Couple guys had 15-20 fish that had to go back.
Fished several area's with life just about on every spot. Still, not what I would call Good fishing despite the action on the shorts.....Maybe I'm just living in the past.

Capt. Dan had Good Striped Bass fishing last night with plenty of action on Keepers, shorts and a couple Blues. Not bad fishing after paying our dues for way too long.

Capt. Ron

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