Monday, October 21, 2019

Not much of a drift most of the day, the AM was the best shot at fish with a pick the rest of the day. Fished several area's looking all the time for a hot bite. Jerry Krako had a beauty for the pool at 7 1/2 pounds. Couple others in the 4-5 pound range with a bunch of shorts mixed in as well.

Bunker every where today, the last hour had Bass busting all over the place! Dano landed a great 35 pound Striper. I tossed a jig with a tail and had a huge fish on, gave it to one of my lady regs to fight and enjoy, Fish took three good runs before busting off!
Would have loved to hit those suckers a couple of times but the guys didn't seem interested........Fluke and only fluke I guess is the motto now.

Back at it tomorrow.
Capt. Ron

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