Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Jake, Richie, Justin and the crew from PA were back today for some Fluking. After busting Jake about not bringing his A game and being distracted just the other day, today he was on fire!
Fishing in the Bow he was High hook with 4 keepers, lots of shorts and the New Big pool Leader with a Beautiful 8 lb 2 ounce Fish just beating out, Rich Mullebrocks 8 Pounder last week.

Tough start to the day as we had to wait for the change of tide. Didn't really get a good drift for the first two hours. After that it was a disappointment with the conditions and the bite.
Found some action late in the day and stayed a bit longer so we could catch some fish. Had a good drift then told Jake he had one more shot to get his limit, no pressure, Unfortunately that didn't work out.
Doc and Dave had 2 nice keepers each, couple other guys had 2 also. The fish we did keep were nice ones....3 to 5 pounders with some 18 inchers mixed in. Would have had more pics but the camera battery died!

Saw some of the smallest fish of the year today, usually we don't catch them till the fall
Back at it tomorrow! Fireworks Cruise is booked for Saturday night, not Fishing.
Capt. Ron

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