Saturday, November 16, 2019

Sticking to my convictions of fishing the Ocean this time of year!
With wind against all day, power drifting the bay is not an option for us. Worked the snags, rocks and anything else we could to put our customers on the meat.
Yesterday we had No wind, No current but still caught fish. Today we had lot's of wind, lots of current...unfortunately, they were both in the opposite direction!

Still managed to catch fish..Capt. Ron Sr. had his limit along with 3 very nice Sea bass. Tom (the Hammer) Krako landed the pool fish at 6.7 pounds.
Several customers had 2 nice fish to take home with short action all day.
If we could get a day where everything is right, it will be a home run. Just gotta have patience and keep on working hard. Some nice Sea Bass also.

Capt. Ron

Great Catches

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