Monday, January 27, 2020

Conditions are what we live by in this business, if you don't have them, we can try to make our own but, usually end up with the crap end of the stick!

I've gone on a thousand times about, Wind against, no current, no drift and it's getting old. Had the same Crap on Saturday trying to fish were we had good fishing in the ocean.....Made our way inshore found some fish but couldn't repeat the drift when the WIND went to 20 knots. Hard to imagine that the current would run into the wind enough to stop us dead, even close to the beach!

Worked the holes, the channels, picking away, finding life in New area's that should prove fruitful when the conditions are right.

Bust my butt everyday to get it done, when it's tough, as this season has been, I become an angry Captain! Makes me work twice as hard for my customers....

Capt. Ron

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