Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Finally, a day where we had a drift all day!! Nice action with keepers and shorts coming over the rail, all on bait! Had a Charter with Bill Higgins and the McCarter & English Crew today. Perfect weather, a nice bite and fish to take home! Doesn't get any better than that!

The past couple of days we've had to work twice as hard to put fish in the coolers....wind against, crap conditions, I get tiered of saying the same thing over and over. Still managed a couple fish close to 8 pounds the past few days for the daily pool, along with several fish 4 to 6 pounds. If anyone tells you, it's been easy, they are full of Crap! Nice to see some fish finally where they should be this time of year.

A Huge Thank You to: The Bus Boys (John, Steve and Cory), Robert from Lone Oak Landscaping, Skender Mallabeqiri and Jamie from Eyes on First for their more than generous donations to the SSFFF. Thanks for believing and keeping the faith....if only those who do this for a living felt the same way, we could have a huge voice!

Back at it tomorrow.....Capt. Ron

Capt. Ron

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