Monday, October 14, 2019

Fluke are on the move! We had good action in the AM on shorts and keepers with our first limit going to Jack fishing in the bow, he also took the pool with a 24 inch 7.2 pound Fluke! Second limit came towards the end of the day with a first timer on the Fishermen from Waretown, NJ.  Another customer had 4, some had 3 nice fish. Capt. Ron Sr. also had 3 nice fish plus way too many shorts!

These 17-17 1/2 inch fish going back is Bullshit!! These are 3 pound Fluke!

Mike, my deck hand, on his day off, just missed his limit but did put an 8.2 and 5.7 pounder in the box! Good action all day as we had a drift and covered the ground.

Heard that next year we are looking at a 19 inch size limit! Are you kidding me...if you want me out of business BUY ME OUT! I'm not going down like this...Step up guys and start using your voice, contact the Governor, maybe he will have some balls and say enough is enough in this State! Delaware can keep 16 inch fish, that's what they need to survive and they have it.  Where's Frank Pallone?

We need help NOW! Doesn't matter if you are Commercial, Recreational, Party of Charter boat, we all get screwed, haven't you had enough already?

Thank you once again to those who still believe and have faith for writing those checks. Mike, you made me feel like a million bucks today when you stopped by, makes me want to fight even harder....Just wish everyone would get on the same page here.

Why is it none of the other "PRO'S" in the business aren't saying a word? Makes me wonder......I'll take the target on my back guys, for now.

CHARTERED with the SSFFF Fundraiser this Friday...(We still have some open Spots) please contact Dave Daley if you'd like to join us. Great group of guys who love what we do....973-479-7768 to speak to Dave.


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