Thursday, October 24, 2019

Today we hosted the Save the Summer Flounder, Fundraising fishing trip. And that's exactly what we did, we saved the fish today!!  All with the exception of Chris Wilson, Bloomsbure, N.J. who landed our largest of the season at 10.6 pounds!

Picked away in the AM on shorts and some keepers but as the current started to run on the incoming, the wind blew harder from the NW, taking away any hope for a drift. Fished several area's all with the same results.

Larry (Heart-attack) fishing in the bow had the hot hand today landing way too may 17 1/2 inch fish and keeping one for dinner. Tom, Henry, Richie and a few others had nice keepers. Shrimp-man, well, Steve is the same old Steve I remember from way back when!

Great group of people on board, much respect to each and everyone for the support you give, it won't be forgotten.

A Special thanks to Dave Daily for doing what you do and what you have to go through putting these things together....All the folks who donated from the heart and not because they had too, Thank you.

This day was a success for sure!!

Capt. Ron                        CHARTERED IN THE AM!

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