Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wanted to fish the channel this morning but with the outgoing tide and a pretty good swell from the East, it was impossible. Tried a drift anyway, made 2 knots into the roll, caught a short and moved before we killed someone!!
Bounced around the Rocks and snags all morning catching a couple keepers and a few shorts here and there, nothing to keep us in one place.

Fished some nasty stuff where Bob Frade, Lake Hopatcong locked into his personal best and our second Big fish this week at 9.2 pounds! Couple other fish 3 to 5 pounds but it was very tough to say the least.

Words can Sugar coat this anyway you want, but this season is a bust with the Fluke fishing as far as I'm Concerned..... ANYONE DISAGREE?

Capt. Ron Sr. landed 3 nice fish by the end of the day and some of my best Jig-fishermen, only managed 2 keepers at best, (Don't know how the hell they do that all day!!).
It's not easy, but we work hard everyday looking for that reward of nice fish in the coolers.
Thank you to all my Regs for hanging in there, you guys have been here when it was great fishing and are here now when we gotta suck it up and keep working hard to try and get it done.....Salt of the Earth Men all of you.

Back at it tomorrow to give it hell. PS: Buy stock in "HIGHLAND PARK SINGLE MALT"'s going up big time!!

Capt. Ron

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