Monday, October 21, 2019

What can I say? How can I sugar coat it and make us all feel good about the fishing since Friday? I got it, CRAP!!  For those who need a daily report because there were none: FRIDAY, Nasty, came home after half a day....CRAP!  Saturday, ocean nasty...CRAP!  Sunday, more of the same CRAP and today, Well I let you fill in the blank's.

We did catch a few keepers and some shorts, fished several area's, snags and hard bottom. Pool fish went to Anna today with a nice 5 pound Fluke. Couple guys had a fish or too but it was still a tough day....Back to give it hell tomorrow, but for tonight after this weekend, A new bottle of 15 year Highland Park! Forget the Fingers.

Capt. Ron

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