Thursday, November 14, 2019

Today was a pleasure to be out after the past three trips of getting our butts kicked!

Didn't have a hot bite by any means and we earned every fish that went in the cooler....Worked several snags and rubble piles and managed to find some beauties including: Marks 8.2 pound pool fish, just missing the New leader in the Big Pool. Then, He followed up with a 7.6 in the Box. Couple six pound fish including Cigar Dave at 6.2 and a 4 1/2, Eddie 6 pounds and Jack with a 6.3 pound fish.

Dave B and a couple others had 5 plus pound fish. Billy fishing in the bow was hot on two drifts with the 17 inch fish but still managed a keeper by days end.

Unfortunately, I skunked Tom the Vet for the first time and a few others. Not from the lack of effort on any-ones part, it just wasn't their day.

CHARTERED IN THE AM (WEDNESDAY). Open boat the rest of the week, weather looks great!

Capt. Ron

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