Thursday, November 14, 2019

Finally starting to see some fish even though the bite didn't last long.

Had Bass rolling on top first thing this morning, Andy and Doc managed to land two very nice fish and another short was taken. Couple missed then it was over as quick as it started!  Shads and Sunnami rigs work the best for the bites.

Tried eeling several area's but no good. Waited till the change of tide late in the day hoping the bite would turn back on, all we found was bait.  Water temp is down to 59 degrees. Back at it tomorrow as we should have an extra hour of the change.

Shads, Sunnami's, plain jigs and jigs with tails. A heavier rod also for the eeling when we do that.

Weather looks good for the week, let's hope things start to heat up!

Capt. Ron

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