Thursday, January 23, 2020

For those who think what we do is easy, spend a week in my Wheel-house!

Yesterday, we had the bite till 1:00pm, the kids, the first timers all caught fish. This morning we had loads of life to start the day, yet, we only picked at the fish. Had a few shots here and there and when I thought it would turn back on after the tide change, the Fish finder went blank! No bait, no life. Went in to search mode, found some life but never caught what we read on the machine. Handful of keepers by days end with a bunch of shorts for the effort.

Funny how guys who cut me off Post Excellent fishing in the same area....yet, still need a couple more to sail the rest of the week! Bullshit.

Capt. Dan had very good fishing the first couple hours last night until the end of the tide. Close to 40 keepers for a light crowd who worked hard to get it done! EEL Fishing at night.....Bring the heavy sinkers and heavier rods, your gonna need them.....Watch the guys who fish all the time and Do what they do, ask them for advise, if they can help you, they certainly will.  A great crew of Regulars On-board.

I won't post till this weekend is over, I'm sure it will be melt down time by Sunday night with all the Boat Traffic.

Capt. Ron

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