Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Thank god the weekend is over!!
Saturday AM, We started the day just outside our jetty, Bird life and fish busting on top. Worked them for over an hour caught a couple keepers and a bunch of shorts. The rest of the day was a nightmare and I'll leave it at that.
Thanks Barry for the Black (it came in handy today)!

Today was a whole new ball game, morning started out with life right away, picking at the shorts and a couple keepers, once again when the trollers and boat traffic take over, it's time to move on. This went on all day. Actually had a guy race ahead of me at one point and put on the brakes, naturally I made a hard turn to avoid making him a hood ornament, and he had the balls to tell me I came too close! Go figure.

Several area's of life developed in a bunch of locations.....The Monster Blues that we haven't seen in over a week took over the bay! Fish up to 18 pounds and non-stop action for the rest of the day. We did manage a few bass in the mayhem when we could get a drift before getting mugged. What a difference a day makes and today I had know-one who quit on me.

Weather looks good for the next few days...lot's of fun, don't wait too long!
Capt. Ron

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