Monday, October 21, 2019
Love when I get to post my "Fishing in the Snot"reports..Unfortunately, we were the only boat out, as not many people as enthusiastic as I am anymore!

Took the only 12 souls who showed up, out fishing. After yesterday, how could I let a "ENE" wind at 25 with outgoing tide go to waste....Started close to home and caught some bass, shorts and a couple keepers. Took the ride to where we have been fishing, not wanting to short change anyone and looking for the bonanza bite. Yes, we got there and caught squat! The bait was gone, the millions of bunker of yesterday were gone also. Didn't waste too much time, licked my wounds, lite a few candles and prayed we would find life in the only place left to look.......Took the 45 minute ride back to find Lights out fishing!

Bass, Big Blues, Birds working and loads of bait. Proceed to kick butt for the rest of the day. High hook had 11 bass on top water! A nice mess of keepers, some bonus fish a bunch of shorts and all the Big blues you wanted. Great fishing day! Back at it tomorrow.
Capt. Ron

"I Fish, I Vote, I Marched"

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