Wednesday, October 23, 2019

I'll take 30 knot winds any-day after another Crap show today!!

Gotta work twice as hard to get it done, seems no-one gives a dam about that anymore and could care less....
Had a good shot of fish the first couple of drifts, all on Shads and Jigs. Had to keep looking for the readings and working them. Some drifts were good others not so good. 3-5 Bass a drift then move, had to do it all day.
The guys who could work the shads did much better. Several guys had 2 keepers including Barry, Richie, Rob and Dan. Some had a bunch of shorts with a bonus fish. Ended the day Reading a load of fish tight to the bottom, we slugged away with the heavier jigs but it was tough with a 2.9 knot drift. Gave it some extra time to put a few more keepers in the box.

Still a great day on the water weather wise, the fishing I'd give a 4 out of 10 only because of the pressure and traffic.

First couple days of this week look OK, don't wait too long as it will start to get sporty out there towards the end of the week!!

Capt. Ron

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