Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Knew it was going to be a Little snotty leaving the dock today, never expected an all out Butt kicking though! The Hard Easterly with the current running up the beach didn't fair well together.
Made our way to where we fished yesterday hoping the nasty ocean would be a turn on for the Bass....No such luck as we read plenty of bait, read fish but it was almost impossible to catch. (So much for fishing in the Snot)!

Caught a couple of Blues, made our way towards home to check out a couple local spots. Not a bite. Waited for the change of tide which didn't help either so we called it a day.
Very disappointing too say the least, especially after yesterdays fishing.
Should be a little better tomorrow if the wind does go SE with the incoming for most of the morning.
Now, if I could just stop rocking!!

Capt. Ron

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