Saturday, November 16, 2019

Had action right from the start this morning on both Shads and plain jigs. Bird life most of the day but you had to keep on the move to stay with the life.
Couple nicer fish including the pool winning 39 inch beauty along with a 35 incher (Not Pounds)!
Lots of smaller fish in the mix and we used a bonus tag for everyone with such a light gang. Everyone went home with dinner. Omar had the hot hand fishing in the bow catching a fish on every lure in his box, including some things I've never seen before!!

Couple area's of fish through-out the day which is a plus considering the weekend is here! NE 10-15 with gust to 20 tomorrow=Perfect!!

Don't wait too long, still loads of bait around so we should be good into next week.
Capt. Ron

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