Monday, October 21, 2019
As with all of us in life, we all reach the point where we have to say "Farewell".
Capt. Dan after 37 seasons has decided to retire.
Capt. Dan for those who know him, was the hardest working Night Striped Bass fishermen on the coast. I've never met a more dedicated person to what he does in my life, I only wish he had started with us sooner.

Dan made his bones early on learning the fishery from Capt. Marty Haines (Sea Pigeon) in Perth Amboy, working deck and all the while taking in all the aspects of becoming a Captain....An Old School guy till the end, Dan still fished numbers, not spots on the plotter. He also learned much about Striper fishing from Capt. Jerry Cerilo who used to run the Freddy C. Taking what he learned and bringing it to another level.
After many years working on the Angler and building his business Dan came to work for me in 2012. Many things have changed since the Glory days of Night Striper fishing when 200 fish a night were common!
Dan's no non-cents approach to the business was a plus and earned him much respect among his peers, including me. An amazing Man to watch in the ship yard as he never took a break....Eating a sandwich with one hand and running a sander with the other!

You will be missed Capt. I wish you all the Happiness in the World where ever your life takes you.....Fair winds and smooth sailing my Friend, it was a pleasure working with you.
Capt. Ron


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