Saturday, October 19, 2019

Traveled a whole bunch of miles in the AM looking for the bite. Stopped a few times to only catch a couple fish in some great readings of Bait and Bass. We knew sooner or later the bite would turn on as the fish finder doesn't lie, it's when they decide to eat, that's the ticket!

Worked our way back to the North and finally found some life tight to the beach...The Whale certainly helped as the bait readings were increadable!
Where-ever this guy roomed, the Bass were always close bye.
Very good action on Bonus fish and a few legit keepers with the shorts for the action. Nice pool fish that made 15 pounds today.
Shads were the ticket, slow and steady retrieve close to the bottom.....Hell, I must have said that a thousand times today! Those that listen catch.
Great week ahead weather wise, Friday looks like back into the 60's!!!

Not sailing Thursday (Thanksgiving). Bring those Turkey sandwiches on Friday it's looking good right now!
Thank you to Fish & Wildlife for the Bonus tag program and the Extra tags this season, With-out them, It would be very tough to say the least.
Capt. Ron

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