Monday, October 14, 2019

Had life right off the bat in the AM but the fish were picky at best. Had a couple shots as they kept moving down the beach....Run and Gun as some call it on here! What we had died with the end of the tide but we never lost the Bait and fish readings.
Kept telling the guys to hang in there, the past couple of days the bite turned back on once we got the current and change of tide.....Like clock-work, that's what happened! Found some life on the Radar and went searching to find a couple acres of life! Keepers, shorts and slots for some awesome fishing the rest of the day.

Scott Scuderi took the pool with a very nice 17 pound beauty....Harry, Sal, Adam and the crew in the bow kicked butt also. Shads once again were the ticket......I hear that the tackle shops are running low or OUT of Shads! How does that happen, especially when the bite is on!!

Weather is fine for tomorrow (Sunday). Might be a little Sporty on Monday, but hey, that's fishing in the snot, the Monday regs are used to it!!
WARNING: Don't wait too long! I'd hate to tell you, I told you so.

Capt. Ron

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