Monday, October 14, 2019

Toughed it out for 4 days without a Pool fish, hanging in there hoping we would get another shot of fish. With the bait and water temps were they are, I had to hang in there. ( Not easy by any means)!
Monday we bailed it out and found life, Big Blues and Bass. Yesterday we didn't make it out as I feel everyone thinks it's over, those that don't, are Hunting so we are left with the few die-hards who still believe.

Today, the few who showed were glad they did. Scotty, June, Alan, Dave, Richie, and Phil all had a great day with action right from the start.

Big Blues in the beginning..... After some running around watching and fishing the gannets we found the Bass! No Big fish by any means but legit keepers and Bonus fish to make everyone happy.
High-light of my day is watching my Dad do what he does best, that smile after all these years, the passion, the Love for what we do!! Thanks Pop, perseverance belongs to you, I'll just carry the torch.

Great weather, good fishing, the end is near guys, don't miss out!!
Capt. Ron

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