Monday, October 21, 2019

Did I say May? Dec 10th 2015, The biggest Blues you could imagine for many miles! Loved the action but every time we left the area to try a new body of life, they took over again....Not complaining at all as it was Great!
Finally found some bass in the shallow water after much searching and had several good drifts picking away at them.

Thank you NJ fish & Wildlife for those Bonus tags as you have made many customers as well as myself very happy this Fall.

Fun watching the Brooklyn boys (Glenn and Mike) do what they do best...Jig!!!
Glad you guys understand, we gotta catch the bass, it's how I survive in Jersey.

Life ended towards the end of the tide and never turned back on....Still, Many shore arms and Happy smiles getting off the boat tonight.
Weather looks great the next couple of days...One last Shot???:D

Capt. Ron

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