Saturday, October 19, 2019

Too say today was "Nasty", is an understatement! What was supposed to be 20-25 West, turned into 30 steady with many gusts 35+. With the incoming current it wasn't comfortable but who cared, the fish were biting!

Had life all to ourselves right off the bat with 4 area's of Birds working! Second drift went for 35 minutes slugging away at all Stripers.  A hand full of Big Blues started to bite near the end of the tide. Ran to a new area and found the bass again.

I could watch those gannets all day, the deep screeching, crashing the water from 40 ft. up to catch a herring. Doesn't get any better than that.

Everyone went home with two keepers and sore arms. Pool fish 31 inches, a bunch that made 28 plus the tagged fish.

Dave B in the stern, Jacob and Rich in the pulpit (don't know how they fished up there) putting on a clinic.  Finally got to take some cast's myself, had to leave the wheelhouse or I would have been a pin ball all day....landed dinner and tossed a whole bunch back.

Dec. 15th and the water temp is still 52-54 degrees! I might have to cancel my vacation this year.....

Tomorrow looks great, it's day to day so don't miss out!!!!!!

Capt. Ron

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