Monday, October 14, 2019

We only had an hour and a half of the outgoing tide this morning, I wanted to see if any bass had left the Hudson and settled in some of the area's where we can catch them this time of year. We took a little ride, got set up and waited for a bite, as the clock ticked and the current slowed I knew this wasn't going to happen and that area isn't ready yet. (Nothing ventured, Nothing gained).

Ran back to fish locally, waited for the change and some current. When it started to run, the bite was on. Very good action on the Blues and we had a Nice Striper that took the pool today. I was amazed we caught what we did with the amount of boats in the area. I choose to fish on the Anchor and chunk today rather than drifting and having to constantly move, keeping the fish around the boat. Caught them all the way up to the bow.

Had a couple young fishermen (who never caught a Bluefish) out with their dad, naturally, they out-fished the teacher!

Windy weather tomorrow but we can certainly fish the back yard! Patience is paying off as it's been a long 3 weeks waiting for our turn at the bite.

Kudos to My Brother John Cambel who makes the best Smoked Bluefish I've ever tasted! Three recipes, each one better than the last...I want More John!!!

Capt. Ron

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