Thursday, October 17, 2019

Morning started out with plenty of action on Shorts and keepers. Had the start of the outgoing and conditions weren't that bad....Once the current started to run, it got ugly!!
Ran offshore to get away from the roll and stay ahead of the tide, started catching some nice fish along with Sea Bass when one of the young ladies aboard passed out and Hit the deck!
Had to run back into Sandy Hook C.G. and get her to the hospital. Finished the last two drifts in the bay where we ended up catching the pool fish at 5 pounds.

Ron Thorn (one of my old deckhands) 28 years ago, landed 5 keepers for high hook. His largest went 4 1/2 pounds.
Vinny 'Vintastic", Jeff the sign guy and Billy worked their butts off trying to land that 10 pounder, but only managed a couple nice keepers each...Next week Boys!

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