Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Set up this morning on a nice reading of fish, we were on the end of the tide, no current but we still managed a pick at the Blues. Took longer than I expected for some current but when it came, it came hard!

Actually had to leave the area once the lines started screaming out the back of the boat. Made a few moves only to find a couple fish here and there, decided to fight the current and put the weight on, glad we did as the bite got hot for the rest of the day! John and Jerry combined for over 20 fish up to 14 pounds, Oliver kicked butt with 15 nice fish and so on.

Late comer this morning and Regular customer, Kelly, landed the pool fish at 15 pounds today...good thing you didn't miss the boat my friend LOL.

My fishermen in the Bow fishing with the jigs didn't quit all day and produced when no-one else could, thanks for working so hard guys....your what keeps me coming back everyday!

On a Sad note there's always that One guy....Kevin, today you were it. Enough said. Sorry, just had to do it!!

Back at it tomorrow.

Capt. Ron

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