Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Unreal action this morning fishing with the jigs, blues from 5 to 14 pounds, right in our back yard!

Had fish rolling on top but the readings on the bottom were off the charts..... With 10 to 15 fish on at a time, Myself and the crew went from customer to customer, Netting and gaffing! By 11:30 Most had started to put up the rods and enjoy the rest of the trip. A couple guys switched to Fresh Bunker looking for a Bass among all those hungry Blues, we looked over some mussels beds where I was hoping to find a couple bass but the blues ate everything in sight!!!

Dave and the boys from Advanced Dry Wall Systems kicked butt, kept a bunch of fish and ran up one hell of a tab on the jigs with all the action! Love those smiling faces....

Don't think because it's Memorial weekend we will be packed, not so, if anything this is our worst Holiday of the year for carrying customers.

Capt. Dan's been working hard every night Fishing for the Bass. Keepers are starting to show with last night producing 5 nice fish with as many being lost.

Capt. Ron

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