Monday, October 14, 2019

I'll take all the Tourist, First timers, Bennie's or what ever you call them any time, any where, any day!! Most of Today's customers fish maybe once or twice a year so they didn't know what to expect as far as the fishing....95% of our guests were Rod Rentals so we knew we had to work twice as hard to get it done.
Found some life right off the bat on the change of tide, with a short window of opportunity we had folks fishing with Bait and Jigs, the bite was wild while it lasted. Once the traffic pummeled the area, the fish went down. Went into search mode and anchored on some nice readings, chunked and caught them again. Had to make several drops today as the fish kept moving and didn't want to stay in one place.
Thumbs up to all you Memorial day weekend Fishermen, especially all the kids who had a blast!! Thanks for making me look good.

Back at it tomorrow...
Capt. Ron

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