Monday, October 14, 2019
Morning started out picky as we were on the end of the tide, caught the blues on Jigs and Fresh Bunker. When we finally got the incoming, I settled up on the anchor and it was game on!
Made one move after the fish moved off, settled up again and the bite was on for the rest of the day. Had them rounded up around the boat for all to enjoy!

Going through a bunch of nets the past couple weeks with the release fishing but it's worth every dime, especially when the customers appreciate the effort to save the future fishery. Had a group of Ladies fishing in the Bow who put on a clinic today (with a little help) from the Captain of course! They had a blast and I'm sure they will be sore tomorrow.

Thank you to all who fished with us this holiday weekend, but let us not forget what the Hell Memorial day is all about!
Take one minute out of your day, tell your kids to put down the game-boys, explain to them what it means to be free and why we are. Teach them about those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, so we could be who and where we are today.....Bless you, those who gave it all. Never Forget!!

Capt. Ron


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