Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Hit the channel for the change of tide this morning.... Nice pick on keepers and some shorts. Knew we had a short window to fish as the tide was against the wind for the second day in a row.

Kept working to the East ahead of the current and the pending roll that came with it.
Very good fishing as Tommy Krako lead the way with his limit and then some, along with Chris G.landing 9 keepers.
John Froelich was back at it again with another pool fish and 5 in the box!!
The Kubie cousins combined for 7 fish and some very nice Sea Bass.
Vinny "Vintastic" got a nice one, but was WAY OFF his game today for some reason
Felt bad for those who couldn't make it for todays bite.......
Didn't hit the rain till the ride home!!
Some nice pics from todays fishing.

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