Thursday, January 23, 2020

Had to wait it out once again this morning as we had the incoming with wind against. Only today, it took an hour longer for the right conditions.  when all came together, it was lights out!

Dave Bachovchin lead the way with the first limit including the "NEW BIG POOL LEADING" Eight Pound Eight ounce Beauty! Matt had his limit with fish over 6 pounds, Capt. Ron Sr. Limit, including my dinner tonight! Grandpa and Grandson had a memorable day with 7 nice fish between them!

Fran landed 3 Great fish all 5 plus up to 6.7 pounds! Bunch of young guys in the bow had a nice cooler of fish with the largest 6.8 pounds. Carlos had a beauty at Seven pounds One ounce and a couple others.

Awesome day once things got right. Thanks for making me look good guys!!!! Back at it tomorrow.

Capt. Dan had the Bass last night...10 nice keepers and a whole bunch of shorts as it seems some new fish have finally moved into our area. Fishing with Fresh Bunker, working hard to get it done!


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