Monday, October 21, 2019
Like I always say "Hero to Zero"....Funny how the guys who yesterday, thought they were the best fishermen on the planet, came back today and are in Shock! Just the way it goes in this business.
If you were lucky enough to be here "YESTERDAY", You and I were a Hero and the Memory of a successful day would be in place.

Today, It sucked and we couldn't get it done. Fishing Folks. Conditions, Conditions, Conditions.....they didn't magically swim away.
Plenty of Bait where we've been fishing, had a good drift in the AM but the current had us using 10 ounces with the lines still screaming away from the boat. Very hard to Buck-tail or even fish with bait in that situation.
Change of tide only made it worse. Tried a couple different area's with the same results. Actually ran from Staten Island back out to the Ocean hoping to find the life we had the past week....Big Ground swell out there so we didn't give it much time and only caught a couple of fish. Finished up in the Bay for a drift and caught a couple more fish, nothing to brag about. Guy's still went home with dinner at the end of the day, they just didn't have anything for the Freezer!!
Too say what we do is a humbling experience, is an understatement..
Back at it tomorrow with Bells on!!!
Capt. Ron

Capt. Ron

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