Monday, October 21, 2019

Last nights hard South winds not only brought in cold water (46 degrees) but it turned on the Bluefish bite and basically shut down the bass bite.

Had plenty of bird life and action first thing in the A.M. but it was the blues that were hungry.
Left the action in search mode for the bass. Found the Bunker and plenty of readings on the bass laying on the bottom, but they weren't going to bite.
Tried the shallow water, deep water and back inshore only to find a handfull of fish.
Cold water shut them down and without a Gill net, it just wasn't going to happen!  Fished the warmer water on the outgoing tide line where the temp was 53 degrees and seemed to be the only place anything wanted to bite.
Chris, my deckhand had called a while ago to say the bite was on exactly where we left all the readings today.
Seems once that warmer water moved through, the fish got active.
Wind is back into the West and NW for tomorrow, should be much better fishing....will see.
Tonights vid is a short of the early Bluefish action. Hope to be back in Full production tomorrow!!!  Capt.Ron


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