Wednesday, October 23, 2019

All good things eventually come to an end....The Hot fishing we've had the past several weeks turned into a pick on keepers and short action the past couple of trips. We fished several area's, in the current, in the deep, the shallow spots, mussel beds, mud, rocks and name it, I've been there. No way I'm complaining as we have had some of the best Fluke fishing in years this season. A couple of tough days just means we have to go in search mode and start over as we have over a Month of good fishing ahead.

Not that we haven't been catching fish, just not what we have gotten spoiled bye. Hot short action and 25 keepers is nothing to post about with a boat load of customers, so we will be looking at several area's the next couple of days.

Don't wait for the New's, be the news when we are back on the meat!

Capt. Ron

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