Monday, October 14, 2019

Still had a roll out there from yesterday but it was certainly a much nicer day on the Ocean. Banged away all day in a couple different area's. Capt. Ron Senior had the Hot hand once again landing 2 under a Triple limit!! Largest fish went 8 pounds.  Ron fishing next to Sr. landed 4 nice keepers and a beauty of a Sea Bass.

Several Big fish once again with Donnie Nickles 7 plus, The pool fish at Eight pounds and Frans second place fish that went 7 pounds 14 ounces! Couple 5 & 6 pound fish from Big Bob, Eric and a few others.....See you on Saturday.

Capt. Dan had excellent Porgy fishing last night, a 2 hour drift produced loads of Jumbo Porgies for all aboard. some Blue also in the mix as well.  Wednesday-Saturday Nights 6:30pm0-11:30pm     Monday & Tuesday Striped Bass Fishing at Night 6:30pm -11:30pm.


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