Monday, October 14, 2019

I remember when I was a kid, if the fish were biting, nothing would keep the customers from coming down. Today, a threat of a Shower or Thunderstorm (Always late in the day) and the people change their plans.....Shame because we had very good Fluke fishing once again today.

Chris Zotti started it off with the Hot hand and ended the day with his personal best Fluke trip...8 keepers, a load of 16-17 inch fish, A Six and a Four and a half pounder in the cooler.

Brady Bowlin fishing with his Dad put on his own clinic with a nice limit, the Pool fish at Just under Seven pounds and one at Five plus. Dad also had plenty of action and a keeper but today was all about His Son!

Megan toughed out the roll all day fishing with her Dad and Ray....Megan was another star with 5 nice fish. Couple guys with 4 & 3 keepers along with some beautiful Sea Bass.   Back at it tomorrow.

Capt. Ron

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