Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Nothing worse than being in the middle of the Ocean with NO DRIFT, NO WIND, NO CURRENT!! This was how the morning went! The Fish that we did catch in the AM were mostly from the jig fishermen casting out and working back to the boat. Nice quality Fluke with several going 6 plus pounds. When we made a move to find some current, we found a drift at 2.3 knots! One extreme to another. Finished up catching fish, keepers and shorts at the end of the day with a 1.5 knot drift.

Pool Fish went Six Pounds Eleven ounces. Not many Sea Bass and a whole bunch of short fish by days end. Fran, Rich, Billy and several others all had Quality fish at the end of the day.......But it still wasn't enough in my book.

CONDITIONS are every thing, had a customer say I guess I should have been here yesterday...My reply was, yesterday you would have puked out here...Now the day before!!  Working hard everyday folks, we fish were we have to this time of year and we put in the OT when we have too also.


Capt. Ron

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