Monday, October 21, 2019

Seems the Buck-tail guys had the edge on the Fluke this weekend with the Bait guys catching more of the Beautiful Sea Bass that have been coming in.  Fishing the Sticky stuff but it wasn't that bad once we got the customers in tune to how to do it. The lack of current and drift certainly helped.

Lenny, who is having one hell of a 2016 season took his 4th pool in 5 trips with a nice 6.11 pound Fluke! Striped Bass, Fluke, it doesn't matter, the Man is on fire. He also landed several Great Sea Bass over the past two weeks.

Skinder, John, Adam, June and Rob all had Quality fish today with Skinder just missing his limit by one.

Nicole, Diane and Uncle John had a blast once again....(once I got the good Mo-Jo going for them)! Nice Sea Bass & Fluke for dinner tonight ladies.

The Roll in the Ocean made it uncomfortable for those who don't fish often, so we did have a few customers that didn't feel well today. Nothing I hate worse than having someone who has looked forward to a Great day on the water get sea sick, the one downside to my job, Trust me I know that feeling all too well.

New week starts tomorrow, not much time left...Get these Beautiful Sea Bass while you can. The Fluke...We are still working hard to find a double digit to win our Big Pool!! 9.6 still in the lead....

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