Monday, January 27, 2020

Today was even better than yesterday with all full buckets of Porgies going home!

Caught the slack first thing in the AM and only had a pick at the fish. Made a move when the current started to run and it was game on! Had to make one last move toward the end of the day and found another incredible bite! Double headers coming over the rail all around the boat.

Several fish in the 2 pound range along with Jeff Johnsons pool Fish that made 3.4 pounds. Jeff had several fish that were in the 2 pound range also.

Mike & The Crew from Wallington Plumbing, Anthony from Quick Responce and crew, everyone went home with the meat tonight. Caught them all around the boat even in the hard running current. Needed 10 ounces at one point to hold with the heavier rods.

Weather looking great for the weekend....Don't miss the bite.

Capt. Ron

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