Wednesday, October 23, 2019

It's great too be back in the game!!
Anchored the boat on our first drop and had the bite right away....Shorts to start out then a couple keepers. Lost the current and had to wait for the change. We did catch the change of tide bite once again, lasted another 45 minutes then died.
Took one last look around and found the best action of the day with keepers, shorts, Porgies and Big Sea Bass coming in!!
12 year old Alec George, Middletown, N.J. had the hot hand landing 5 fish, 3 keepers and the Pool fish!!!
Very clean, healthy looking fish. The shorts were the fish we didn't catch in the spring, but seemed to have shown up for the fall.
Great way to start out the season!!
Sailing daily 7:30am........First video is linked.

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